RAVENOL Products

RAVENOL PRODUCTS are high quality products  "Made in Germany". Our motor and gear oils meets the requirements and specifications of the automotive industry around the world, and the international approvals of leading OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) confirm the high quality of RAVENOL products.

The RAVENOL products program includes  motor oils for passanger cars, two-stroke motor oils, rallye-/racing oils, ATF-transmission fluids for automatic transmissions, gear oils for manual transmissions, hydraulic oils, industrial oils, specialties, marine oils, high quality greases, brake fluids, winter products and antifreeze products as well as  service equipment.

The products in the new RAVENOL HIGH MILEAGE range are recommended for high mileage vehicles from approx. 100,000 km. They are suited to both petrol and diesel engines with and without a turbocharger and direct fuel injection. The engine oils in this new RAVENOL product range have been newly developed to a unique formula, which has been specially designed for high mileage vehicles.

The RAVENOL HIGH MILEAGE range is notable for the additives it contains which offer exceptional cleaning and maintenance for your engine, restoring critical engine components and providing extra protection for seals. This means that the service life of vehicles can be extended, particularly in older, higher mileage vehicles. Our RAVENOL HIGH MILEAGE products also possess excellent lubricating film adhesion and high shear stability. Their engine-maintaining additives help to reduce oil consumption while also offering protection against both sludge formation and wear and tear.